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Personal coaching

Private coaching is intended for anyone wishing to take personalized care of their physical activity. Whatever your problems (back pain, injury, weight loss or gain, preparation for a sport event), we develop a personalized program that allows you to achieve your goals.

Our first contact consists of an interview during which we discuss your expectations and the solutions that we can propose to you. At the end of this first interview, we provide you with a health questionnaire that allows us to take into consideration all aspects of your fitness in the development of your personalized program: current or past physical activities, injuries, joint and muscular affections , food.

The sessions last one hour, they take place in our center in Nyon downtown, or outside during a specific physical preparation (running, trail, ...). The sessions can also be held in duo, if the two participants agree on the level and the objectives.

Private coaching 1h

10 sessions Chf 1300.-

Private coaching 30mn

10 sessions Chf 650.-

Private coaching 1h30

10 sessions Chf 2000.-

Coaching Duo 1h

2 personnes

Abonnement 10 séances Chf 700.-/pers.

Coaching Duo 30mn

2 personnes

Abonnement 10 séances Chf 325.-/pers.

Coaching Duo 1h30

2 personnes

Abonnement 30 séances Chf 1800.-/pers.

Coaching Mini Groupe 1h

Dès 3 personnes

Abonnement 10 séances Chf 400.-

Coaching Mini Groupe 30mn

Dès 3 personnes

Abonnement 10 séances Chf 250.-

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